To begin with, our stunning fit-out creates a truly unique venue

The Firepit restaurant interior is truly beautiful. Let us take you through. First of all, as you enter The Paper Mill, your breath is taken away by the sheer size of the space and how well it has been designed.

The Firepit, where fantastic food sets the mood.

Simultaneously you can feel the relaxing energy. Delicious aroma wafting around you in the Paper Mill. Accordingly, you’ll start to feel this is going to be a night to remember. In any case if the smells of the food is anything to go off.

This will be above and beyond your senses

The Firepit Restaurant experience is impressive, and you’ll be hardly able to wait, to eat. Last but not least, you will have to decide the biggest question of all what to eat? After all the menu has such a huge selection to choose from.

Except your in Love

In other words this is choice. Meat, seafood or vegetable dishes they all look so good, maybe have them all and share. Firepit’s menu also caters for vegan, vegetarians and, of consequently all our meat is Halal friendly.